Car Insurance in Indiana

Car insurance is required if you own a car in Indiana.  Our Fishers independent insurance agency can help you purchase the coverage you need.

Fishers Car Insurance

The first step in purchasing the auto insurance you need is to understand what it does for you.  There are three main coverages that car insurance in Indiana provides (some states have different coverages):

Car Insurance – Protection for other people

One of the basic car insurance coverages is liability coverage.  This is protection in case you cause an accident that injures someone else or damages their property.  Our Fishers auto insurance agency recommends that you purchase enough auto liability coverage that you’ll be protected in case you cause an accident.  This is almost always more than the Indiana state minimum coverage of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident.  It’s easy to quickly exceed that level of coverage.  The state minimum auto insurance coverage for property damage is $10,000.  This is definitely too low.  There are too many vehicles on the road today worth much more than that.  If you cause an accident that causes more than $10,000 of property damage, you would be responsible for the rest.

Car Insurance – Protection for you and your family

Uninsured and underinsured auto insurance coverage is purchased to protect you and your family in case someone hits you and they don’t have insurance or don’t have enough insurance.  For example, if you are in an accident that someone else causes, their insurance will pay for your injuries.  If they have the state minimum of $25,000, but your injuries are more than that, your Fishers auto insurance will pay for your injuries up to your underinsured coverage limits.

Car Insurance – Protection for your car

Comprehensive auto insurance in Indiana is purchased to protect your car from perils such as hail, fire, and theft.  If your car is damaged by a hail storm and you’ve purchased comprehensive coverage, your car insurance will pay to fix your car, minus the deductible you’ve chosen.

Collision insurance is the part of your policy used to pay for repairs to your car if you’re involved in an accident that’s your fault.  For example, if you are driving on an icy road and slide off into a light pole and damage your car, your collision insurance (minus the deductible) will pay for your car.  Your liability insurance (discussed previously) would pay for any damage to the light pole.

There are other coverage options available too.  These include towing and labor, rental car reimbursement, and more.

If you have questions about your Fishers car insurance, please call our agency at 317-644-1770.  Or feel free to stop by our office conveniently located in Saxony, right above Jack’s Donuts.  We would be happy to provide you a seriously good car insurance quote from one of the car insurance companies that we represent.

The information provided on this page is not legal advice.  Please always consult your policy for specific information about your car insurance.

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