Many people think that raccoons can sometimes look cute, but they can cause lots of problems in attics and other parts of homes that can result in thousands of dollars of damage. They can chew things up and their feces can be hazardous and cause illnesses.

Every once in a while, a customer will ask if home insurance in Indiana will cover damage to the home done by raccoons. Unfortunately, the answer to that question is usually, “No.”

Going into your policy and seeing what is covered isn’t most people’s idea of fun, but it is important to know what’s covered. Each insurance company customizes their home insurance policy to their own preferences. However, they’re most often based on a standard policy. There is usually wording in the policy that excludes damage from termites, vermin, insects, rodents, birds, bats and more. Raccoons are usually included in that home insurance exclusion. Again, each company is different. So it’s worth checking with your insurance agent to see if raccoon damage is covered.

A great way to protect yourself against damage from vermin and rodents is to periodically inspect your roof and eaves to make sure there are no openings that could allow them access to your attic. It’s important to remember that a home insurance policy is not a maintenance policy, it’s a disaster policy. You don’t want to file claims for small maintenance issues. It’s best to only file claims for major claims. Maintaining your home in good condition is one of the best ways to save yourself money in the long run.

No home insurance policy will cover every single type of loss. Home insurance is designed to help put you back in the same condition that you were in prior to a loss. It’s important to be aware of what is covered and what is not covered by your home insurance policy

Some policies are more comprehensive and cover more “perils” (or causes of loss) for example wind. By working with an independent agent, you can find a policy that balances value and coverage and is best for you.

Home insurance in Indiana is an important part of your protection portfolio.

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