renters insurance in Fishers IndianaRenters insurance in Fishers Indiana. If you rent a home or an apartment in Indiana you should purchase renters insurance.

Why do you need renters insurance?

Renters insurance in Fishers Indiana provides you a number of important coverages:
1. Personal Property Coverage – Renters insurance provides coverage for your personal property, aka “your stuff.” If you have something stolen or destroyed in a fire or other covered loss, renters insurance will pay to replace your property minus your deductible. So if you have a covered loss and are entitled to $20,000 and you have a $500 deductible, you’d receive $19,500. Many people underestimate how much their property is worth. When you include all of your clothes, furniture, and more, it can add up to a lot.

2. Liability – Renters insurance in Fishers can cover you in the event you become legally obligated to pay damages due to a covered loss. The basic renters insurance policy usually includes $100,000 in liability coverage, but you can purchase higher limits for a nominal cost. An example of how this could come into play is if you host a party and get a little too excited when the Pacers hit that game-winning 3 pointer, causing you to knock over your friend who sustains some serious injuries. Your renters insurance could end up paying the legal damages that result. Now we hope that your friend wouldn’t sue you, but there are times when he may have to in order for him to be able to pay medical expenses associated with the injuries received in the celebration.

3. Medical Payments – Your Fishers renters insurance can also pay for medical expenses of guests. So if you’re having a friend over and they trip and fall and hurt themselves, your renters insurance policy will pay an amount (usually between $1000 and $5000) for his or her injuries. This is paid out regardless of fault.

One thing about renters insurance that many people don’t realize is that it’s very affordable. We have many policies that are less than $100 per year! And if we write your renters insurance with the same company that we write your auto insurance with, it’s often the same cost as just writing your auto insurance policy due to the multi-policy discounts that many of our insurance companies offer.

If you’d like to learn more about renters insurance in Fishers Indiana (and all of Indiana), please call the Curry Agency at 317-644-1770. We are your Fishers independent insurance agency. By accessing a number of insurance carriers, we can help provide you with an affordable, comprehensive renters insurance policy. We are conveniently located in Saxony, above Jack’s Donuts. We are just down the street from the District at Saxony Apartments and work with many people who rent an apartment or home in the Fishers area.