Are you considering starting a cleaning business in Indiana? Or have you been in business for a while? Either way, at some point you’re going to need affordable business insurance that will protect you from the risks you face. Our Fishers, Indiana independent insurance agency offers a variety of products and coverages to protect you from those risks. And insurance for cleaning service companies is probably more affordable than you think.

Cleaning Service Insurance and Janitorial Insurance Risks

One of the risks is damaging your client’s property. For example, you are cleaning a countertop and need to move a vase. Did you know that while that that vase is in your control, it’s not covered by the standard liability policy? However, for less than $100/year, we can add an insurance rider that will protect you in the event you break that vase.

Another risk you face as a business owner is the need for worker’s compensation insurance. If you have employees, you are required to have Indiana workers compensation insurance. The Curry Agency in Fishers offers workers compensation insurance from A number of companies. We can insure you if you’re brand new or if you’ve been in business for a number of years. If you’ve been in business and not had many claims, we can offer you really competitive rates.

Something else that we can add to your cleaning service insurance package is a crime bond. Many businesses advertise that they are bonded. Do you know what that covers? If one of your employees is convicted of stealing from your client, it will pay up to the policy limits. The key to this coverage is that it only pays if they are convicted of a crime. This is very inexpensive coverage, starting at $100 per year. However, if you’d like to be able to say that your janitorial business is insured and bonded, we can help you.

You may also want to cover your business personal property. We can offer you business insurance that will protect your cleaning supplies and property from theft, fire, and other types of loss. As a business owner you’ve worked long and hard to grow your business and purchase the equipment to help your cleaning business be the best it can be. Why not protect it from a loss that would cause you financial harm?

Fishers Insurance Agency

If you’d like to discuss your janitorial insurance needs, please call our Fishers insurance agency at 317-644-1770. Our knowledgeable, experienced, friendly staff will help optimize your insurance protection, service, and value. We love helping small businesses. It gives us a great sense of pride to see businesses we work with grow. Many of our customers started as a small, one-person business, and have grown over the years. Let us help your cleaning service business become a bigger, more-profitable business.