Get a quote online, call now, get a quote in 15 minutes. Pretty appealing slogans, right? But in the rush to give you numbers fast, many insurance companies are missing the point.

At Curry Agency in Fishers, we’d rather take the time to get to know you. More time than just 15 minutes. Why? Because we know you’re not like anyone else. You have different hopes, needs, dreams, wants, risks and concerns that make you unlike any other person on the planet.

Take homeowners insurance. In a quickie quote, someone might not understand that you need sewer coverage in case your sump pump stops working in the middle of a storm. Or they might not know that your love of collecting art might require an additional “floater” policy. But when we sit down and talk, we know these things. And then we make sure you get the home insurance coverage that’s right for you.

Let’s stop rushing to get fast insurance, and make sure we get the right insurance. We’ll sit down, chat and help write a home insurance, renters insurance, or condo insurance policy that makes sense for who you are, what you value and what you want to protect.

Call our Fishers insurance office sometime (when you have a little more than 15 minutes) at 317-644-1770. We’d like to get to know you.