Home Insurance Fishers Indiana

There are many different options for home insurance Fishers Indiana (and the rest of the state). Not only are there many different insurance companies from which you can purchase home insurance (some of ours are Erie Insurance, Safeco, Nationwide, Grange, and Kemper), there are many different coverages within each home policy.

Home Insurance FishersBecause of that, it’s important to work with your Fishers home insurance agent (hoping that’s us!) to determine what’s best for you.Every home insurance policy in Indiana will cover the actual physical structure, the personal property inside (your clothes, furniture, etc.), and liability coverage to protect you in the event you are sued.

Some of the other coverages for home insurance in Indiana can be very different from policy to policy.

Here are just a few of the coverages that you should discuss with your independent insurance agent:

  1. Backup of water through sewers and drains.
  2. Earthquake insurance
  3. Personal articles coverage for things such as jewelry or collectibles

Backup of water through sewers and drains is especially important for people who have a basement with a sump pump. We see many Fishers home insurance claims that involve water. Since we often get lots of rain, there are times that sump pumps will fail or be overwhelmed. This causes water to backup and pool in the basement. It can cost thousands of dollars to remove the water and repair or replace your damaged property.

Earthquake insurance in Indiana is another option. There are sometimes earthquakes in Indiana due to its proximity to the New Madrid fault. Home insurance in Indiana won’t cover your home for damage to earthquakes unless you specifically add this coverage. Adding earthquake insurance to your Indiana home insurance policy isn’t very expensive, but some people don’t feel like it’s worth the additional cost. Earthquake insurance quotes are easy to add to help you make that decision.

The last coverage this blog will discuss is personal articles coverage. Adding items such as jewelry (an engagement ring is the most common) to your Fishers home insurance policy is an inexpensive way to make sure that you’re fully protected and if you do have a loss, won’t be subject to a high deductible. Most home insurance policies in Indiana have at least a $1000 deductible. This would apply if your jewelry was stolen. By adding a personal articles floater or endorsement to your policy, you can protect your jewelry and not be subject to a deductible.

If you’d like to learn more about these coverages and others that are available on your Fishers home insurance policy, please contact our independent agency at 317-644-1770 to get a quote.