Rental Property Insurance / Landlord Insurance

Rental Property Insurance Landlord Insurance

Finding rental property insurance for your Indiana property can sometimes be difficult.  We can make it easy for you!

We offer insurance for rental properties of all types:

  1. Well-maintained rental homes
  2. Vacant rental properties (yes we insure vacant homes!)
  3. Rental properties undergoing renovations
  4. Multi-family properties – Duplexes, etc.
  5. Properties with claims

What does our rental property insurance cover?

We will insure your property for either replacement cost or actual cash value.  There is a difference in both cost and coverage of these.  We can work with you to help you understand the differences and determine which is the best for you.

We can cover your business personal property.  Are you renting a furnished home?  We can insure the contents – the furniture and the appliances.

We can insure the rental income.  If you have a covered loss, such as a fire, that requires extensive repairs that makes it impossible for your tenants to live there, rental property insurance can insure the rent that you would have otherwise received.

Other Rental Property Insurance Coverages

Does your property contain a basement?  You may want to consider sewer and drain backup coverage.  This can protect you from losses resulting when water backs us from a sump pump.

Are you worried about vandalism?  We offer policies that include coverage for vandalism and malicious mischief.  It’s bad enough to have damage to your property, but it’s even worse if it’s not covered.

Earthquake Insurance.  Our landlord insurance can protect your property from earthquakes.  While the earthquakes we’ve had in Indiana haven’t been too bad, there is a risk of them damaging your rental property.


To get a quote for landlord insurance, call us at 317-644-1770 or fill out our easy quote form.